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The Non-Pc ‘Diet FREE’ Weight Loss Program


The complete Non Pc Diet Free training kit of books audios and videos. Includes FREE bonus Non-Pc cook book for meals for every day of the year.



  1. The Non-Pc Diet Digital Book: The first book that deals with the root cause of obesity. The book includes meal ideas and many references. It also comes with a link to download for free,The Weston Price Nutrition Manual that sells for £35 online!!
  2. The ABED Lifestyle Book: How many times do we hear that it’s not the diet but the lifestyle? Well this book covers the UK’s first and only official healthy lifestyle program. This will help give you ideas about how to improve your lifestyle.
  3. The Non-Pc Goal Planner: Planning to fail is planning to fail. This powerful goal planning manual will help get your mind focused for the weight loss journey ahead.
  4. Mind Focus Audio Hypnosis: The world’s most powerful weight loss ingredient is not food but your mental attitude.
  5. Health Food Hypnosis: This audio helps the mind relax and increases desire for natural, fresh healthy weight loss food.
  6. Home Yoga Audio: Stress causes us to gain weight through poor food choices. This simple home yoga audio is deeply relaxing and can be done by everyone, and less stress means less weight!!
  7. Food Diary: Research shows that you lose twice as much weight and keep it off twice as long just by using a simple food diary.
  8. Video Training: Mike Clark health coach for over 25 years and writer of The Non-Pc Diet, covers in this set of 4 short training videos. Watching these videos will make sure you get the most out of your non pc diet free weight loss kit.
  9. FREE Bonus 365 Non-Pc Cook Book: This book is not available in any shops. It is arguably the healthiest cook book in the world. It is packed with hundreds of Non-Pc food ideas and created for the UK diabetic association. The reason this book is so good for healthy weight loss, is because the same thing that causes blood sugar to rise in diabetics is the same reason we put excess weight on, that is Processed Carbohydrate, hence Non-Pc!
  10. FREE Non-Pc Coaching Option:It’s time to put all your new knowledge to work and really get control over your weight. Research shows that coaching is the key to long term weight loss success. The first 300 people who purchase the special Non-Pc launch pack can then exercise their option till January 2020 to join The Online Non-Pc Diet FREE Weight Loss Club with No Joining FEE!


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