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To lose weight you need

to eat more food!


This has got to be the dumbest headline ever written by a weight loss coach, right!

Well if you read this short article things might make a little more sense. The headline refers to food, and when I use the word food, I refer to natural non-processed food. The growth of the so called ‘Food’ industry has mirrored the growth of obesity, and in one of my earlier blogs I showed how the growth of the supermarkets has again mirrored the huge rise in obesity in unnatural man-made obesity causing ‘foods’

When you begin to decrease the amount of unnatural ‘foods’ (especially unnatural carbs) and increase the percentage of natural food in your diet, your excess fat begins to naturally melt away.

At first this seems nonsense, especially when we are told calories in and calories out. Yet natural foods act very differently on our bodies as opposed to unnatural processed foods.

Let me explain a little more, you see when we eat our bodies begin to be filled with glucose, and you have an organ that starts to regulate this glucose in the blood called the ‘pancreas’.

The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin, which helps stabilise the blood sugar rise and allows the glucose to be converted into energy.  The remainder of the glucose is stored in the muscles and liver, for when you need it later.

The problem with eating ‘unnatural’ foods is that our bodies are not designed to eat this ‘stuff’.

Designer ultra-processed foods now account for over half of our modern diets and yet 50 years ago the majority of our diet was natural.

You remember the phrase meat and two veg, well I am sure it is not coincidental but 50 years ago the rate of obesity in the UK was only 1 in 100 now it’s more than 1 in 4!

The problem with trying to lose weight whilst eating processed food is an ever growing one. You see you will consume lots of calories, eating unhealthy food and you will often be hungry and tired, but the real problems lie in how the body has to cope with this unnatural surge in blood glucose. The remainder quickly gets stored as fat and if the consumption of

By switching to natural foods weight loss occurs, well, naturally! Let me explain. There are a few weight loss advantages natural foods have over unnatural foods.


Let’s say you are wanting to lose weight, during the week you fill your car up at the petrol station and whilst paying you grab yourself a cheeky chocolate bar, let’s say a Mars Bar Duo!

Well the glucose spike and the calorie rush will mean that, unless you are about to go playing sport in the next 15 minutes you have just caused a cascade of glucose and blood sugar rise but also you now have MORE fat stored on your body and not shifted.

Now let’s use this example to show what happens if you went for the natural sweet choice of a fresh piece of fat burning fruit.

First, you can forget the calories in the apple, you have just eating the equivalent of 6 apples in the 2 minutes it took you to wolf the chocolate bar.

How long would it take you to eat 6 apples?

Secondly the rate of blood sugar rise is countered by the weight of the apple, you see natural and unnatural foods mean they act completely differently on your body. The satiety (filling quality) from natural foods means by simply swapping unnatural for natural ensure you will get FULL before you get FAT, so in order to lose excess weight & fat, the answer is YOU EAT MORE REAL FOOD!

Mike Clark is an online weight loss coach and January 2019 he opens a New Online ‘Live’ Weight Loss Club available to anyone in the UK. For details see



Mike Clark is an online weight loss coach and January 2019 he opens a New Online ‘Live’ Weight Loss Club available to anyone in the UK. For details see

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