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At the start of the 1960’s only around 1% of the UK population were obese and nowadays that figure has risen from 1 in a hundred to around 30 out of 100! Now before you think that’s a 29% increase, in reality it’s a heck of a lot more than that. In fact, you could say a 100% increase would be to double the rates from 1 to 2% but we haven’t seen that we are seeing an epidemic rising 3000% and the blame is going in totally the wrong place.

According to the research and the ‘experts’ tell us the reason we are so fat is that we are in effect lazy or not moving about as much as we once were. Well, the part about us being less active may be true, but as for this being the major cause of obesity, this is 100% UNTRUE!!

I am a very opinionated person and for years I have been seeing these lies being told and it infuriates me saddens me, but onward and upward let the truth be known. You exercise to increase fitness and diet to decrease fatness!!

The amount of weight loss clients I speak to who blame themselves and think they are just too lazy and just don’t take enough exercise. This may well be the case but it is NOT TO BLAME FOR THEIR WEIGHT PROBLEMS.

I am not against exercise in fact I am a keen advocate of regular exercise, but I am even more keen for the truth to be told and the reason for the obesity epidemic is I claim once again NOT BECAUSE YOU DON’T TAKE ENOUGH EXERCISE.

Now look below at the lifestyle chart above and then find the 2 most significant changes then, now you will see the true cause of the obesity epidemic.

Ok, television home ownership has risen and yes, we are driving more than ever before and yes home cooking has reduced, but this could be argued that none of these are significant changes but there are two that are strikingly different. In the 1960’s takeaways didn’t really exist and now half the population use them regularly, and supermarkets rose from 575 to nearly 60,000!

Ok so what does this mean, well one thing and one thing only FOOD PROCESSING! Well ok what’s wrong with that you might ask? Well I claim in my new book that the cause of obesity and the cure are tied up together, and the reason is this that when food is processed the weight of the food reduces and that rates of carbohydrates rise. What this in effect means that obesity is unnatural and it is ONLY this mass marketing and consumption of these processed carbohydrates that are causing the obesity epidemic.

Here is a really quick example of the confusion, many of my clients tell me they are weary of eating fruit because of the sugar content, yet if we compare natural food with processed food it’s a no-brainer who wins out.

A mars bar duo is 350 calories (both bars most do not share but eat both) and to get the same calories you would have to eat 6 apples.

Whilst most weight watchers of us are counting calories once you begin to turn away from been processed and start to process (think) for yourself then excess weight starts to evaporate but you are then replacing badness for goodness, I mean who reading this know the benefits for the skin, hair, immune system regarding digestive enzymes?

The apples have slightly less calories plus have loads of health benefits whilst the mars bar is just processed man-made gloop!

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