Terms & Conditions


Welcome to the ‘WorldWideWeightLossClub’ terms and conditions of membership



  1. Members understand this is not a sit on your bum and it’s all done. Effort is required on both sides.


  1. Members are encouraged to exercise regularly, and we recommend a minimum of 30 minutes formal exercise a week. Members can log in to the Exercise Room online and do a simple 10 minutes 3 times a week job done.


  1. Members are encouraged to reduce their processed ‘food’ consumption and replace gradually with a healthier natural real food alternative.


  1. Members are discouraged from criticising or judging other members.


  1. In the chat room members are encouraged to keep the discussion purely mutual interests such as weight loss and health and members are discouraged from discussing other divisive issues such as politics, gender etc


  1. At WWWC we recognise the importance of community and members are obviously an essential part of the Club. Every member is valued and has something of value to give.


  1. Doc Fatloss is a trading name and in way implies a medical doctor. No medical advice will ever be given on this site. Never make any changes to any medicines without discussing them first with your GP
  2. Regarding exercise members are to seek advice if they have any doubts. Please never push yourself too far.
  3. Members are actively encouraged to take more responsibility for their own health
  4. Don’t worry, be happy! 🙂