Mike Clark: Your Smart Healthy Weight Loss Coach

Having your own weight loss coach can make a huge positive difference to your personal weight loss journey.

You want support, you want encouragement, you want ideas for simple healthy meals and you want the help in a way that is affordable and easily accessible.

If you have been overweight for more than a year the odds are its going to take 6 months to a year to create a whole new healthier lifestyle for you.

Instead of you just going on another diet why not try having your own weight loss coach. Instead of wasting £500 per year trying to lose weight on your own why not invest some of that money in having a coach and join The 2020 Smart Weight Loss Club. 


Psychologists tell us that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit and a full 90 days for our brains to become ‘rewired’ to accept a new healthier lifestyle.

Yet, the average UK diet lasts just 15 days and then end of the 15 days, more than a third of dieters will weight more than they did at the start and within 12 months more than 95% of people will have put all the weight back on! Why would intelligent people keep using s system with a 95% failure rate? The Non Pc Diet is a brand new way of thinking. You simply and gradually reduce your consumption of unhealthy, unnatural carbohydrates and replace them with healthy, natural carbohydrates. We also leave room for ‘treats’ and our favourite foods every week, so we keep our appetite and it means we can have our cake and still lose weight! So if you are tired of been a ‘SAM’ (Start Again Monday) or a PAGOD (Playing a Game of Diets) then join today for 2019! A a member of ‘Live’ Weight Loss Club. You will not be going on a diet, instead you will be getting help in creating your own diet and your own healthy lifestyle.

Losing weight is hard, losing weight and keeping it off is really hard and losing weight on your own  and keeping it off is virtually impossible! Research shows that those that lose weight in a group with ongoing support in between meetings, actually lose up to three times more weight and are more than twice as likely to keep it off!  UK LIVE  Weight Loss Club As a member of WLC Imagine what you could do with all that ongoing support. PLUS having me as a weight loss coach to ‘Virtually’ kick your butt when you need it and a ‘Virtual’ hug when you need that too! 🙂

The Non Pc Diet- How to Have your cake & still lose weight!

Low fat, high fat,low carb, ketone diets, paleo diets, diet sodas, calorie controlled. Eat fruit, don’t eat fruit. Try this new diet, eat this at night time. Have this low calorie, low fat, super healthy, fat burning NONSENSE!  Part of the food industries favourite tactic is to confuse. Eventually confusion causes apathy and apathy means you struggle to lose weight, but you have tried and tried and eventually you just give up! UK LIVE  Weight Loss Club As a member of WLC you will never receive  false advice or information.

  • No Counting Calories
  • No Going Hungry
  • No Gym Required
  • No Constant Weighing
  • No Selling you products

The first time ever you will be going ‘Non~PC’ and you will be targeting and reducing the only thing that puts on excess weight, the excess consumption of processed carbohydrates (PC’s). Losing weight becomes simple, not easy, but simple! INDUCTION WEEK: Preparation for YOUR journey ahead WEEK 1: Eat healthy breakfast WEEK 2: Eat  healthy breakfast & lunch WEEK 3: Eat healthy breakfast, lunch & evening meal WEEK 4: End of phase 1 and time to move to phase 2  YES! Weekly treats are strongly encouraged. ‘How to Have Your Cake & Still Lose Weight!’ 😉 

The average UK person spends over £25,000 a lifetime just trying to lose weight! That’s over £500 per annum The other cost is travel and time used to attend slimming/weighing meetings. A a member of ‘Live’ Weight Loss Club you get great value for your money! Lets say you stayed with the club for 12 months you would spend less than half of the above and just imagine the results!   For the first time ever you will be learning that there is ONLY one thing causing you weight problems, and that is the EXCESS consumption of PROCESSED CARBOHYDRATES. (PC’s) This is very exciting news, because this means rather than you just doing someone else’s diet you can create your own personal weight loss program and lose weight as fast or as slow as you’d like!



UK ‘LIVE’ Weight Loss Club uses intelligent coaching direct to your smart phone or tablet! You don’t have to go to meetings or see your coach. Your meetings and your coach both come to you, direct to the comfort of your own phone!

Losing weight is hard, losing weight and keeping it off is really hard and losing weight keeping it off is virtually impossible! One thing that really frustrates me with the weight loss industry is the nonsense and confusion regarding obesity and the confusion and often contradictory information pumped out by the mass media. This confusing information causes unhelpful confusion and eventually people become tired and even apathetic. As a member of LWLC we want you to achieve the very best results for your efforts. This is why when starting your weight loss journey that you understand that the climb might be hard at times, but you can be confident that the advice and information all comes down from Mike the coach who let us remind you has 25 years nutritional natural health experience.    UK LIVE  Weight Loss Club As a member of WLC Imagine what you could achieve knowing you have expert advice at any time, just ask! 🙂
Its all YOU!!
 Weight Loss Club is a different way to lose weight, at WLC you are not viewed as a consumer or commodity to sell products to. You are instead encouraged to help yourself and other members. Like in the chat room, if you have some positive news to share then share it, or a new Non Pc meal you just discovered from someone at work, or your aunt in Australia! You might be feeling down, then tell the chat room you need some help and watch the members magic work for you that day too! You will be gaining knowledge as you lose the weight, and that knowledge you will be passing onto others. If you decide you can take the 12 week certificated Non~Pc healthy lifestyle program and you then get half price monthly membership for life and become a full member with additional benefits! As a valuable member of WLC Imagine what you could achieve

You don’t just get support once a Week!

You get my Coaching during the week!

THE most important weight loss ingredient is not even food, but its your own personal attitude. In other words, getting you mind set right at the off is crucial to your weight loss journey. It not only makes things clearer in your mind but actually easier on your body too. This room contains positive stories from members. Inspirational speakers and recommended FREE audio and video section
Feeling stressed and wound up can often lead to poor weight loss food choices. Here at WLC we recognise that food is just one part of weight loss, another essential ingredient is of course ‘Mood’. So in room 2 we have the chill out room. Here is a selection of mood relaxation tools , including,  Yoga at home & work, meditation for beginners, study music, sleep music and relaxation audios. Mike does know a bit about mental relaxation and has been member of The International Stress Management Association for over 25 years!
This room is where you will find lots of simple to do exercise videos. We have carefully chosen a selection ranging from beginner to advanced. They start from 5 minutes and rise to 25 minutes. No gym needed as all exercises can be done from home! So no excuses!

This room is where you will find meal inspiration. You will be not only getting ideas you will be encouraged to add to the room. One of the real secrets to the success of WLC is the feedback and contribution from its members. It is essential when you are creating your own diet that you understand why things work and are not just following what you are told. The aim is for members to stop been processed and start processing (thinking for themselves) The room has hundreds of meal ideas all in colour and all using the latest page turning software to make it even more of a pleasant experience.

ROOM 5-Members Chat Room


Losing weight is hard enough, but trying to lose weight on your own even harder and keeping the weight lost off, well that’s almost impossible. Research shows that those people who used social support and a weight loss coach lost 3 times more weight and kept it off 6 times longer!

The chat room is essential for members to offer support to each other plus share positive ideas. Please note this is a safe place for members, I only have a few rules and including respect and no crititcism of one another and only weight loss is discussed. NO POLITICS, BREXIT ETC :-0