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The Non Pc Diet


Diet FREE weight loss.

The average diet lasts just 15 days, imagine never having to do another diet and instead creating your own DIET FREE weight loss.

Until you deal with the cause of your weight gain you will always be dealing in symptoms. From the Vegan Diet to the Atkins, from Slimming World to Weight Watchers, from the 5:2 to the Paleo Diet. They are all share one fundamental principle that the only thing that CAUSES weight gain is the excess consumption of Processed Carbohydrates.

The book includes

  • A 4 step approach to better manage your weight not just for a week but for life. 
  • Weston Price Natural health book that sells for £35 on Amazon
  • Downloadable food diary 
  • Reference links

plus bonus nutritional health book.



Imagine how simple weight loss would become when you discover there is only one cause of weight gain. 

Well there is no need to imagine, because it’s completely true, in fact when you discover not just the cause of weight gain but the the cure for weight gain then you know you are onto something.

The same thing that causes you to gain weight also causes you to lose health!

You are about to discover that obesity is 100% man made and you need to stop dealing with the symptoms and get to the root cause.

Quite simply the cause of obesity is the excess consumption of Processed Carbohydrates.

Along with book you also get a special healthy food audio download which helps create in you the worlds most powerful weight loss ingredient which is nothing to do with your food and does have everything to do with your mental attitude. 

You also get a food diary to keep a track of your Processed Carbohydrate consumption.

You will soon discover that by simply swapping unhealthy PC’s for healthy NC’s or even PP’s  then your weight loss happens quite naturally.

The book comes with MIke’s coaching videos and a full 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee.


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