If you need to lose 1 stone, 2 stone or more; if you’ve tried and failed at dieting; therein lies the problem. You see research shows us it takes 21 days to break a habit and 90 days in total to create a new habit. Yet if the average diet lasts just 15 days then you can quite clearly see there is a problem.

Yet if we know that dieting doesn’t work then why do we still keep doing it?

Here’s the problem…

In your mind, you desperately want to be thin and you try everything—diets, exercises, pills and even deprivation—but your body fights back with cravings that are out of your control.

It’s as if your body wants to be fat.

If you’re experiencing this struggle now, the bad news is that it just gets worse and worse. If you don’t find a solution, you’ll most-likely continue to gain weight and your health will decline with each passing year.

But here’s the good news…

Imagine for a Moment…

  • What if you never had “good days” or “bad days” ever again?
  • What if you actually preferred healthy, whole foods instead of sugary junk foods?
  • What if you never suffered from cravings anymore?
  • And what if you could close the door on your weight problem once and for all — and just be done with it?

Are you Interested in a new grown up way to lose weight?

One Where there is…

No Counting Calories, No Going Hungry, No Need to Attend a Gym & No Constant Weighing????



Then read on!!

Are You Sick of Having to Choose Between Feeling Fat or Going on yet another Miserable Diet?


Is Your Diet Making You Miserable?

Then you need

The Obesity Solution©


  1. No daft diets
  2. NO criticism of one another
  3. No going hungry
  4. No counting calories
  5. No PAGODs (Play a Game of Diets) or SAMS (Start Again Monday)
  6. No ‘miracle’ slimming products or slimming clubs
  7. No yo-yos

Instead say

  1. Yes to nutritional knowledge
  2. Yes to great fat burning meal ideas
  3. Yes to just 10 minutes exercise sessions
  4. Yes to your favourite foods each week
  5. Yes to time & support from your favourite coach
  6. Yes to ongoing support from the group
  7. Yes to feeling more energised
  8. Yes to losing excess fat daily
  9. Yes to improved health & well being
  10. Yes to a new approach for sustainable weight loss


Does it feel like you’re destined to carry these extra pounds forever?

Do You feel like you’ve tried everything – and yet, it seems like there’s no solution?

Sure, you’ve lost weight before, but the scale keeps creeping back up.

You saw significant results on that diet everyone’s talking about, but you couldn’t stick to it.   You felt run down, your cravings were through the roof, and you missed some of your favourite foods.


Are your jeans or trousers tighter than they should be?   You’re not comfortable wearing your favourite dresses or shirts.

You draw a line… there’s no way you’re going to buy more (bigger) clothes.

Do You feel stuck?   What you did before was rough – but you start to wonder again “maybe it’s worth it?” and you start to try to block out the reasons why it didn’t work before.

Do you find it hard doing it on your own?

You could re-join that slimming group but you’ve done it before and to be honest you’ve done them before and lose some weight only to put it all back on again.

Do you blame yourself?  

Maybe if you had more willpower, you could have ignored all those cravings and they would have gone away…

No pain no gain, right?   Maybe if you sucked up the weeks of low energy, it’d come back…

But there really IS another way.

What if YOU didn’t fail, but instead that diet failed you?

I’m here to tell you that IS the case.

You tried your hardest, but you think YOU failed. The truth is the system succeeded and without the knowledge you will always FAIL.

But here’s the thing – that map or diet rarely gets people all the way there.

Hitting a wall where you just couldn’t stick to the plan anymore – that’s the normal response.

That’s how MOST people respond. You’re not defective.   You’re not weak.   And you’re not destined for failure.


You JUST need a different map/ route up the mountain. In effect, you need a new guide, one who knows the route and will ALWAYS support & encourage you.

Losing fat and keeping it off are two completely different things.

Often the best strategies for losing fat quickly can make keeping it off harder in the long term.

By restricting or refusing your favourite foods, you want them even more.

So, you follow the meal plan and avoid the “forbidden” foods, lose 5 lbs and then it’s all done, you’re great, and now you want to eat what you’ve been missing out on.

Then oops – the 5 lbs gone is now 6 lbs gained.

But hey, you lost 5 lbs – so that’s ok, right?

It’s a great accomplishment for you – but clearly you didn’t want to lose 5 lbs just to gain 6 in the end!


Are you ready to try something different?

Then try something that is focused on the LONGTERM solution, and not a short term quick fix.

Not losing 10 lbs in 10 days and gaining it back.

Instead, losing 10 lbs at a pace that is right for you… and then keeping it off.


No constant weighing yourself- If you are one of those people who is weight obsessed then I have great news, you can now STOP!


You see weight is not even as important as waist anyway plus it can be so confusing, I mean how many times have you eating lots of naughty food only the next day you actually have lost a pound then you eat really healthy for 3 days and weigh EXACTLY the same or worse even MORE!!

No more doing it on your own-Been part of a group means you have a significant advantage over trying to lose weight on your own. I mean how hard is it doing it on your own, and haven’t you tried that before and your back to where you were before your diet or even worse. Imagine getting in from work, feeling a bit tired and even a little down about yourself. You go on the Facebook members area, you post that you’ve have a rubbish day at work but still managed to do your exercises or eat a healthy lunch. All of a sudden you get 5 messages from fellow members saying WOW well done you.                HOW GOOD DO YOU FEEL NOW?



Here’s what’s going to make this time different:

  • Having a strategy that is customised to you. This time you are dealing with the CAUSE of your obesity and that is quite simply the excess consumption of Processed Carbohydrates. Here I help you identify your favourite PC’s and we gradually replace the fat creating unhealthy processed carbs with more natural healthy ones, leading not to improved health but you guessed it, real weight loss.
  • Long term focus with short term wins. You want to see the scale go down, but if it goes down too fast, you know you’re going to be more likely to rebound. So instead, we’ll go at the right pace so you can finally keep off what you lose.
  • Guidance and Support. It’s not going to be you and your diet alone anymore. You’re going to harness one of the most powerful weight-loss tools for success there is – another person who is looking out for you. In fact Mike is an expert in his field who will not judge you but will encourage you to take the steps and keep taking them toward better health and wellbeing.
  • Constant support & encouragement. Isn’t life easier when you are feeling positive and uplifted rather than down and depressed. Using your Facebook weight loss coaching group means you are only ever a click of a button away from meal ideas, exercise classes, and support and encouragement. Members are strictly forbidden from criticising one another, this means you can feel safe knowing your place is to both accept and give help to one another.


Now there is a 3rd Option!

For the first time you will be dealing with the only cause of your weight problems, the excess consumption of unhealthy unnatural processed carbohydrate.

We do this one meal at a time!

  • Getting a fresh perspective on your goals and what you’re doing to reach them –Self-analysis is tough! Using a simple system called ABED® and the first thing I do with my clients is not look at ‘FOOD’ but work on strengthening your mental ‘ATTITUDE’ I want to make sure you know the real reason ‘WHY’ you want to lose weight.
  • No more guesswork – having someone help guide you can give you clarity and focus so you’re not worried whether the thing you’re doing will help get you closer to your goals or not.
  • Saving time.  I’m willing to bet you already have a full time job (and yes, being a stay-at-home mom counts).   It can take A LOT of work to do things on your own – reading dozens of blogs every week (with maybe 1-2 being helpful), writing down plans and coming up with workout ideas – and let’s not forget the wasted time from spending more time in the gym than you really need to.
  • Sometimes it’s tough for you to invest time and energy into yourself – you feel like you’re being selfish when you do something for yourself rather than your loved ones.   Having a coach helps you to start taking care of yourself – because the coaching relationship depends on you prioritising your self-care.


  • Takes the pressure off. No longer having to lose weight on your own and no more constant worrying about weighing yourself. This is a new simple way to lose weight.
  • Creates Good habits. Often when you are putting on weight, it’s because you’ve got into bad habits. By helping you to break your bad habits and encourage you to replace with healthier ones.

Unique Benefits of Intelligent Coaching

  • Intelligent coaching direct to your smart phone-If in 2019 you want any chance of losing weight for good, then you are going to have to try a fresh approach. LIVE weight loss coaching, is the future if weight loss, and you can reserve your place today!
  • Suitable for everyone – I have some clients who are already athletic and advanced with nutrition – and I have some clients who barely ate vegetables before they met me.   By coaching you with the aim at reducing and replacing the fat gaining unhealthy carbs for more natural fat burning ones.
  • Collaborative Coaching – I’m an expert on fitness and nutrition.   You’re an expert on being you.   Both sets of expertise are important – it’s my job to work with you so we can figure out what the right next step is. I don’t believe in telling you what to do and you having no say – I’m your coach, not your dictator.
  • No-Nonsense – I do my best to remain scientifically accurate and up-to-date, as well as keep things simple for you as my client.   You won’t hear me recommending silly pseudoscientific fad diets or gimmicks.
  • Comprehensive – I am able to help you from a variety of angles so you just need one coach rather than two or three.  I am able to help with creating healthy habits, nutrition strategy, and exercise strategy. I’m also a great motivator.
  • Join others like you- Currently there are more people in the UK overweight than at a healthy weight, so if you are overweight then you are in good company. Research shows people lose between 3-5 times more weight in a group using social support than on their own. If you have friends, relatives or work colleagues then get them in the club!
  • Ridiculously good value for money- Millions of people use coaches for business, fitness and even life coaching, yet losing weight and managing the weight loss is something the vast majority of us struggle with, so why not have an expert coach who you trust to help you achieve your goals. By joining Your Hull Online Weight Loss Club, you get access to my expert coaching for less than what you are paying someone to weigh you who is unlikely to be even trained in nutrition. You also get not just online coaching if you live or work in or around Hull you still get to come to my face to face group coaching meetings!!
  • When you feel unsure about anything- You can contact me for help to keep you on track knowing the information you get will be for your benefit and not some company whose job it is to make money from you and keep you in the dark regarding the truth about weight gain that means you have to keep coming back sometimes for years on end!!


Here Are Some Things That AREN’T a Part of My Coaching

  • Mandatory “point” tracking, calorie counting, and calculation of macronutrients.   Some clients do well with that stuff – and for many others, that just isn’t compatible.
  • Elimination of food groups. I’m not going to have you eat like a caveman or boycott animal foods.   And yes, ice cream is a food group and I wouldn’t dream of taking that away from you (or me)! But, because you now have your favourites as a ‘Treat’ and not every day, the fat starts to disappear.
  • Carbohydrate restriction – you don’t need to avoid bread for the rest of your life to meet your fat loss goals.   Some advanced clients respond well to fluctuating carb intake throughout the week, but that’s far from mandatory or applicable to everybody, although when you discover the single cause of your obesity, is very much to do with reducing your consumption of a special group of carbohydrates known as processed carbohydrates or the fat & weight gaining PC’s.
  • Endless exercise – Some exercise is a key part of your weight loss plan however exercising can be difficult if it’s a problem for you. The number one reason people give for not exercising is quite simply they do not have the time. That’s why at  my weight loss club you can get do as little as 15 minutes of special exercise a week (home video links supplied) and NO GYM NEEDED!
  • Processed diet foods or overpriced and gimmicky diet drinks. You don’t need to buy bland frozen meals NO MATTER WHO PUTS THEIR NAME TO THEM!
  • Gross green drinks, “cleanses”, or “detoxes”.   Hey, if you like veggie drinks, then awesome. But you don’t need to have a diet consisting only of spinach juice for 21 days to “purify” your body.


The 4 Steps of My Coaching Style

My weight loss coaching program is a lifestyle health program and is currently the ONLY one in the UK granted therapy status. It stands for the 4 key areas to take better care of your health and of course lose weight and it is available EXCLUSIVELY to those that come on The Obesity Solution .


Step 1: Attitude

The vast majority of clients trying to lose weight, immediately want to be told what to eat, the new diet, the somehow undiscovered food that means they can still eat loads of chocolate and pizzas and never put weight on!! NEWS FOLKS!! I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, and if it did I don’t think it would protect your health or prevent diabetes. So, the very first step is about getting your most powerful weight loss tool on board with you working for you. I’m of course talking about your mind. Using a proven psychological method, clients have shown that those who have a clear goal in mind and a determination in place are up to 5 times more likely to reach their goal, and those who value their health as much as what they appear are also more likely to succeed. Plus, if you have a bad day or say a slip, if you were trying to lose weight on your own, then maybe you might be tempted to pack it all in and ‘SAM’ Start Again Monday or a ‘PAGOD’ Play A Game Of Diets, Being a member of my private Weight Loss 4 Life Club means if you’re feeling down or had a bad day then you don’t need to throw in all your hard work, it’s just a bad day and a slip, and we are all there to support one another.

Step 2: Breathing

Now you may well be wondering what on earth breathing has to do with weight loss, well you will be surprised if I tell you that the number 1 ‘trigger’ for poor choice high calorie eating is in fact STRESS!!


Breathing optimally is in fact THE ONLY direct way for us to internally turn off our stress response. Research shows ‘that when stress is managed effectively it leads to ‘…Significant reduction in BMI’

Even fewer people know that I am a specialist health breathing expert, who trained at the Buteyko Breathing Clinic in Moscow, Russia.

I have even written a book based upon this simple yet powerful treatment which was shown on BBC and even discussed in The UK Houses of Parliament.

The simple truth is this, by taking positive care of your stress, you then are more able to focus on the job in hand, and that is taking better care of yourself. As a fully trained stress management coach and trained counsellor, this helps me help my clients improve their weight loss results by not just taking about food, but helping them maintain a healthy mental attitude. 

Taking positive steps to manage your stress triggers

is really useful in helping you get and stay in shape.


Step 3: Exercise


Exercise to get fit and diet to lose fat.

The lighter you get, the fewer calories you burn each day.   Muscle burns more calories per pound than fat does – so the more muscle you can hang onto, the better.

I discuss exercise with just about every client. We can approach it one step at a time just like we do with nutrition.

Alternatively, some clients like having a custom training program telling them exactly what exercises, and how many sets and repetitions that should be performed for their body (and preferences).   Customisation to this degree is available as an add-on or an alternative to my group coaching program.

The minimum commitment I expect of my weight loss clients is 30 minutes per week of special exercises (no gym required but you will be out of breath) and you will also be encouraged to walk more than use the car or take the stairs over the lift etc. Plus, when you post your status, ‘Had a stressful day, got in from work and rather than hit the biscuit barrel, I did a 20 minute HIIT session at home or went to the gym’. Then you immediately get, ‘Well Done You’ or ‘Good for you’ ‘You go girl…etc. How good does that feel?

Step 4: Diet

There’s a lot of clichés that get thrown around about nutrition, like “results are 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise”.   But what we can say for sure is that diet alone is more effective for fat loss than exercise alone. And from that, we know that for fat loss, nutrition is the most important part of your weight loss plan.


I use something called ‘The Non-Pc Diet®’ which is in fact not like any other diet you have ever come across. This is the first diet in the world that identifies and tackles the ONLY thing causing your weight gain i.e. the excess consumption of processed carbs or as I call them the dreaded PC’s.

By encouraging (insisting) that my clients never go longer than a week without their favourite foods. This means you can look forward to pizzas, kebabs, chocolate, ice cream and so in effect this means my clients still get to eat their cake and lose weight.

You will also have access to hundreds of simple, healthy meal recipes plus cook books as well as lots of tips along your journey to help you along your way, and knowing I’m always there as your coach if you need my help means you have the confidence to go on.

Here are some benefits other clients have experienced:


Fat Loss That Doesn’t Compromise Your Physical or Emotional Health – feeling terrible and stressed is the old way. We’re leaving that behind. You will very soon when you start to use the right foods to lose weight, start to feel better, you will even have more energy.

Less Stress about Food – you don’t need to be “perfect” with your diet or follow a strict plan. You just need to put one foot in front of the other and make small improvements over time to get big results.

Confidence from knowing that you’re doing what works for you so you can ignore all of the outside voices telling you the 10,000 things you “need to do” to get results.

No More Squirming to Fit into Your Jeans (and then buying newer, tighter ones) Because here at the Club we are more interested in fat loss (waist reduction) then actual weight loss. I mean seriously why all this obsession with weight? When was the last time you went into a clothes shop and asked to try a top on and the assistant asked you your weight?

Feeling More like a Participant in Life Rather Than a Spectator –Now you are a member of The Hull Healthy Weight Loss Club


It’s not just the weight loss my clients experience

  • Better Skin
  • Better Sleep
  • Better breathing
  • Better bowels
  • Better breath
  • Increase of energy
  • Feel more positive
  • Feel more confident
  • Increase of nutritional knowledge
  • Health improvements daily
  • Improvements in blood pressure
  • Improvements in Blood sugars
  • You will feel and look younger
  • Your clothes will fit again
  • You will feel inspired & inspire others
  • This is what you’ve been waiting for!!

Who is Mike Clark?

Well hello there, I’m Mike Clark – I am a born and bred Hull lad and I am a weight loss coach that can promise you a truly positive inspiring coaching experience.


As I am sure you are well aware, obesity is a huge problem to the modern world and growing bigger every day. I think the time for waiting for miracle diets is over and the magic pill solution is some way off yet, if it ever arrives.

I genuinely believe that the only solution to obesity and people taking back control over their weight is to tackle the cause of obesity and that quite simply is the excess consumption of excess Processed Carbohydrates. In my new book written a book called- The Non-Pc Diet-How to have your cake and still lose weight! In my book, I explain how the best way to lose weight is to keep things simple, you discover the truth about weight gain, and how it’s not the diet but understanding the personal cause of your weight gain and how you can best take back control.


“What are your credentials?”

I hold qualifications in 4 key areas, Nutrition, Fitness Instruction, Stress Management & Optimal Respiration, and yet I would say it is my life coaching and motivational skills that really set me apart from other trainers. I am the writer of numerous health books including my new book ‘The Non-Pc Diet® How to Have Your Cake & Still Lose Weighthe first book to make the outrageous claim that in fact there is only a single cause of obesity. In the 1970’s obesity was virtually unheard of as was the excess consumption of Processed Carbohydrates.  

I am also the creator of the UK’s first official healthy lifestyle program ABED Health Coaching® Two years ago I was on the front page of my local, newspaper and off the back of that my local NHS invited me to coach their nurses to help lose weight. However, it took them 9 months to finally tell me they really were put off by the name of Dr Fatloss, and they never shared the information.

 I decided to drop the name for good and go by the moniker I am a weight loss coach 😊

As a professional ABED® weight loss coach I am trained in 4 key disciplines in order to help you achieve your goals. I hold qualifications in Stress management, counselling, fitness as well as nutrition. I work with my clients to develop strong healthy minds as well as well as healthy bodies. I believe strongly in honest information and working in partnerships, meaning I will give you support, encouragement and direction, but you must take the steps. I always like to get to know the personal reasons for my clients losing weight, is it to look good or is it for health or both. This mental side of the coaching is essential to understanding your motivation and of course the secret ingredient is YOU  and your fellow club members who will in turn help and encourage each other to lose weight together.


All for £5 p/w


Strategies that fit with YOUR life, goals, and experience.


“How much weight will I lose?”

You can expect to lose on average 1-2 pounds per week, but more importantly it’s not actually the weight so much as the waist I am interested in. When your clothes start fitting you better, when the shirt doesn’t pop when you sit down and your dress seems a little less tight, you know you have lost fat and that’s what it’s really about.



” Your weight Loss Club sounds really good but I’m not sure about the online coaching part, how does that work?”

Most of us now have mobile phones and access to Facebook. When you come on the program you will be given exclusive access to the members closed Facebook coaching group. 


“What if I don’t currently use Facebook, can I still join the program?”

Absolutely! I am aware that many people don’t use Facebook, but that should not prevent you from joining the Club. You will simply need to join Facebook and create your profile, but other than the Club you don’t need to engage with Facebook for anything else other than healthy weight loss!



“What exactly is The Non-Pc Diet®?”

The Non-Pc Diet is a  4 step lifestyle approach and the eating part is Step 4.

You can eat anything you want as long as its protein or natural carbs. You can if you prefer follow Weight Watchers, or Slimming World, or your own plan or use some of the hundreds of healthy Non-Pc meal ideas supplied to members. 

The average diets lasts 15 days, and over a third of the dieters’ actually end up actually putting on weight, and within 12 months over 98% of people have put all the weight back on! The Non-Pc Diet® is a completely different approach to dieting, one where it targets the only food group causing you weight issues, namely the excess consumption of Processed Carbohydrates. This means by identifying your weak areas we gradually replace your processed carbohydrates for natural ones, plus you get to eat your favourite foods every weak and still lose weight.

Unlike most diets that start with the food, I work with my clients’ attitude, research shows that weight loss clients who first get their mind on board can lose up to 5 times the weight.


“Why would I need a coach though? There’s a ton of information out there!”

Well if all you needed was information then yes you wouldn’t need a coach. But you also need on going motivation and what about the contradictory information? Low fat, bad fat, high carb, low carb, is it butter or margarine, should I worry about cholesterol, do I have to cut off the fat, can I eat bacon?

So far you have struggled on your own and you may well have tried the other big 2, but often you are merely paying to get weighed and then buying products. How about trying something else, a new way to lose weight 4 life. Surely life would be easier if you had a health coach you could trust to give you the truth.


“What if I want to build muscle as well as lose fat?”

I can help you build muscle and lose fat. If you need a specific exercise program creating, then this can be done using my private 1-2-1 coaching or you can use a mix of the Club and a private coaching session.


“I’m interested would I be able to workout at home or do I need to join a gym?”

One of the major advantages of Weight Loss Club® is to save you both time and money. If you are a member of a gym, brilliant but you still need motivation to keep going and lots of encouragement is just one of the great advantages you get over normal weight loss clubs.

 As a Club member, you will be provided with lots of suitable video exercise programs you can easily do at home. This means instead of thinking I haven’t got the time to go to the gym, then no need literally in 10-20 minutes job done.


“What about food, will I get help with what can I eat and what can’t I eat?”

In some ways, sorting the food part is the easy bit, once you actually understand the actual rules for weight loss (no it’s not just calories in and out). KNOWING what to eat is not the same as actually EATING the food. You will be provided with literally hundreds of meal ideas created by some of the UK’s best nutritionists.


“Do I need to be a member of a gym?”

Nope, because the exercises required to lose weight do not require a gym, merely motivation and direction, but of course if you are a member of a gym that can be great too.


 “If I want to join what is the cost?”

The normal cost is £50 joining fee, and 3 months membership up front (£60) but the first 100 people to join get to join with NO JOINING FEE. That means you get 

  • The Non-Pc weight loss members starter pack with loads of weight loss goodies (£50)
  • 4 Weeks Lifestyle Coaching sessions with Mike (£60)
  • 12 weeks of weight loss classes (£60)
  • You pay only £60 for 3 months coaching, weight loss classes and you get the Non-Pc Weight Loss Kit to Keep!

“What is the commitment, I mean how long do I have to be a member?”

No commitment other than the one you make to yourself. I want my clients to want to be a member not feel obligated. I recommend you stay for at least 6 – 12 months. But as a founder 100 member you are entitled to special rates and services.

 To begin you get much more of me than other members will.


“What is the commitment, I mean how long do I have to be a member?”

I want you to enjoy Your Club and not be put off by long term contracts, so I decided not to have one. I encourage you to at least give yourself and the Club a six-month chance to make the changes you need, but you are not obligated. Other than a client coach contract whereby you agree to try properly and I agree to direct you in the correct manner then there is no financial commitment. You are free to join then if you wish leave and hopefully come back.

 “How do I Join?”

The first instance you subscribe and get sent a simple pre application form.