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Mike The Diet FREE Weight Loss Coach

I know losing weight and keeping it off is hard. You have already tried dieting to lose weight and you have probably succeeded, yet keeping the weight lost and getting it to stay off, is of course a much harder thing to achieve.

Having your own weight loss coach can make a huge positive difference to your personal weight loss journey.

You want support, you want encouragement, you want ideas for simple healthy meals and you want the help in a way that is affordable and easily accessible.

If you have been overweight for more than a year the odds are its going to take 6 months to a year to create a whole new healthier lifestyle for you.

Instead of you just going on another diet why not try having your own weight loss coach. Instead of wasting £500 per year trying to lose weight on your own why not invest some of that money in having a coach and join The Dr Fatloss ‘Non-Pc Diet FREE’ Slimming Club. 

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1989-1999 CLICK TO READ
  • 1989 June: I leave school aged 19 with 6 O levels and 3 A Levels. I have no interest in going to university, I want a job!
  • 1989 September: I start work at a high class department store selling expensive furniture. The company pay for me to go on an exclusive sales training course with a big wig!
  • 1991: I work as a high flying, suit wearing financial adviser! In effect I am just selling insurance and pensions to friends and relatives!
  • 1993: I decided to set up my own business.
  • 1994: I came really close to almost making it work and it had huge potential.  Eventually after much effort, the business failed. It wasn’t all bad, I  had along the way learned some good business acumen,  yet I had paid a price. I was only 24 and‘burnt out’!  After the failure of my business, I had time to reflect about how  much stress I had been under day after day!  So after much thought and deliberation I asked myself, what is it that I am really interested in doing with my life? I was at a career crossroads and, after some thought I made a decision to not just make money, but to make a positive difference! Later that very same morning I saw an advert in the Guardian newspaper offering stress management training courses. Coincidence? I prefer to think of it as the late great Carl Jung said,‘Synchronicity‘ 
  • 1994- 1996: I trained and qualified as a Stress Management Consultant and became  a member of The UK Stress Management Society. 
  • I focused on the mental side of stress. I learn powerful,  natural, drug free alternatives to help clients reduce stress and it’s damaging effects upon the mind and body.
  • These include Meditation & Yoga. I began to use the techniques myself, and  after 12 weeks of yoga and breath exercises, my sleep had improved dramatically and my resting pulse had gone down from 76 BPM to 44!
  • 1999: I watched a health documentary called ‘Breathless‘ on BBC television. This was about a special breathing  technique that could apparently ‘cure‘ asthma! I watched the programme and was that impressed, I called the BBC the next day and after a bit of smooth talking to the receptionist I actually managed to get the mobile telephone number of the Russian Buteyko instructor. Coincidence or synchronicity?  Strangely I had for the last year also been learning Russian language at a night school! When I spoke to the Buteyko therapist over the phone, I was able to greet him in Russian , and he told me he was that impressed that he wanted to invite me along to his next course so I could witness the effects myself of this powerful breathing technique. Of course I gratefully accepted the invitation.
  • 1999: I attended the course and after  just one day, the whole room of asthmatics are literally transformed. I instinctively knew that this method had great potential.
2  2000: I attend a Buteyko Practitioner course in Oxford on the Buteyko Method and link in my Stress Management experience.

  • 2000: For my own Personal Development I decide to do not one but two solo parachute jumps! I find this very scary but not as scary as what I do 15 years later! 
  • 2001: I travelled to Moscow and I was awarded  the Advanced Buteyko qualification direct from The Moscow Institute in Russia. (I am the only English practitioner to hold this qualification)  I also received tutoring in Person from the late Professor Konstantin Buteyko. I also notice that at this time in Russia there was little appetite amongst the general population for processed food and although I saw a lot of expensive cars and clothes in the Moscow & St Petersburg, in 3 weeks I saw only one over weight person! For the first time I started to wonder if there was a direct link between processed food and weight gain?
  • 2002: I wrote my first book ‘How to Swap asthma for Life’ 
  • 2003: I qualified as an Adult Teacher after gaining both my 7307 Part 1 & 2 Adult Teaching Certificates. 
  • 2004: I start to put on Buteyko Practitioner Training Courses. I have people flying in from Spain, Portugal, Israel, Switzerland and the United States.
  • 2005: I ceased teaching Buteyko practitioner courses  because I realised that something was missing from the method. After consultation in Russia, it was agreed that the western diet of heavily processed food must be first acknowledged as a huge stumbling block to natural health and addressed along with the breathing therapy.
  • 2005: I decided I needed to see the full holistic picture if I was going to be of maximum benefit to my clients. I realised I needed to acquire some more client 1-2-1 skills, including improved counselling and empathy skills. So I enrolled on a 2 year person centred counselling course.
  • 2006: For personal development  I did 12 months voluntary work at Citizen Advice Bureau & The Samaritans
  • 2007~2009: I contiunue to treat clients using  healthy lifestyle changes for Asthma, Condifdence Counselling & Weightloss 


  • 2010 my second book is published and covers the four key areas required for self health protection. Breathing, Exercise, Diet & Attitude. Ten days later I hear a voice in my head shout out “It’s not BEDA its ABED!” I realise I have got it all wrong, well not quite. But for any change we must first start with our own Attitude, so I rename the method ABED
  • 2010: ABED is published in Positive Health Magazine.
  • 2012: I qualified in nutrition and sports training. 
  • 2014: ABED receives official recognition by the International Independent Therapists Institute and is the first in the UK to do so.
  • 2015: My local newspaper put me on the front page of Hull Daily Mail. Dr Fatloss! The local NHS are impressed and with so many overweight staff, I am  invited to formally teach my method to help their staff to lose weight.
  • 2015: the local NHS after over 6 months of what seemed like messing me about, decided not to go ahead with my help, because some people in management were not comfortable’ with the name , ‘Doctor Fatloss NMQAA’. Apparently someone in management had complained saying the name Dr Fatloss  implied I was a medical doctor and also that the staff were fat!
  • I reminded them of the letters I use after my name. ‘NMQQA’ No Medical Qualifications At All. However this was still not enough to satisfy them! I didn’t give up, and the rejection spurred me on to write my new book THE NON~Pc DIET.
  • 2015: I finally pluck up the courage to do something I have wanted to do for a long time. In 1999 I did a comedy session on stage and ‘died’. It was horrendous! I vowed to myself I would one day do it again, smash it and lay the ghost to bed.  So in 2015 I do two separate comedy nights at two different venues in my home city of Hull. I found them even more scary than my parachute jumps, but the ride was well worth it, and I am pleased to say with all the laughing  from the crowd then the booing when I was hauled off stage for taking ‘too long’. I am actually proud to to say i definitely didn’t die, and although still felt the nerves I was more relaxed and it got even more laughs ‘ Ghost Slain!😁
  • 2016: I am about to make a LIFE CHANGING discovery.  There is in fact just a SINGLE CAUSE OF OBESITY! The cause of excess weight gain, is simply the excess consumption of processed carbohydrates. I am determined to bring this simple powerful truth to as many as possible. 
  • 2016 NHS Hull invite me to coach their staff : 6 months pass and no further with discussions. Apparently someone in management NHS took a dislike my name Dr Fatloss. I have a crisis of confidence and decide to drop the name. 
  • 2017: The Non Pc Diet book is published.
  • 2017: I trademark The Non Pc Diet.
  • 2018: I work on creating an online coaching alternative to diets and conventional slimming groups. I wanted to offer a weight loss coaching alternative that was accessible  affordable to everybody!
  • 2019: After more than 25 years hard work I now know I am able to do what I have wanted to do. I decide that Dr Fatloss has earned his stripes and bring him back for good. 
  • 2019: November: The Dr Faltoss Diet FREE ONline Slimming Club Opens at first exclusively for Hull people. 🙂