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Q1. What exactly is LIVE Weight Loss Club?  


A1 LIVE weight loss is LIVE real time online weight loss coaching for the 21st Century.

 The coaching is based around creating a personal healthy lifestyle and uses an award winning proven 4-step approach, with the food part not actually coming till step 4

The first step is about involving your mind and helping you make intelligent permanent choices rather than simply knee jerk emotional temporary changes.

The weight loss program I teach has taken over 5 years to prepare, is the UK’s first official healthy lifestyle program, has been nationally recognised and even the NHS requested I help their staff lose weight!


Q2. Can everybody join?

Everybody is welcome, LIVE Weight Loss is a real alternative to the main two old ways of losing weight, namely diets and slimming groups. It brings coaching into the 21st Century.

Why waste time travelling on an evening to attend meetings when the meetings can now come to you?

You get a coach guiding you and not a part time hairdresser encouraging you to buy slimming products, so by having a real expert coaching you in 2019 you will have the better chance of not only losing weight but sustaining the loss.


Q3. Why is this weight loss coaching different?


A3. Most diets concentrate on results but never really address the cause of your weight gain.  By dealing with the cause of your weight gain, you have a much greater chance of keeping the weight lost, well lost!

As you learn become educated on nutrition and weight gain, both your motivation and your energy naturally increase. As you keep going the more excess weight you keep losing and this includes treats still every week too!.

‘I love to inspire, motivate and educate my clients to reach their full potential’

Coach Mike 



Q4.  What are the advantages of having your own coach as opposed to conventional slimming groups?


A4. Most people today are busier than ever, that means less and less time for themselves, so with this in Mind, Joining my private weight loss club  will save you time and in the long run money as well. 

An important reason people like slimming groups is that it keeps then honest in between weighing. The trouble is no real learning has occurred and when the diet stops SAM kicks in!

The good news is that you will be still getting weighed each week as well as measuring your waist, on a Wednesday I post the results and give out positive vibes to all!


Q5. What kind of foods will I be eating?


A5. The Non-Pc Diet is the first diet that concentrates on the ONLY thing that causes you to put on excess weight, namely the excess consumption ‘Processed Carbohydrates’ 

That means you instead of having to follow another diet, you can create your own. You can decide on how quickly or slowly you lose weight depending on your percentage of processed carbohydrate reduction. By reducing your consumption of processed ‘foods’ you will not only lose weight you will gain health. 


 By replacing your processed carbohydrate (Pc) consumption with either natural carbs or protein, weight loss becomes natural.

Natural food is not only the best way to lose excess weight it is also by far and away the healthiest foods for us, and the more processed your diet the more likely you will become ill and actually processed food may well be contributing toward more than just obesity.


For instance, in 1976 breast & prostate cancer rates were about 1 in 14 in the UK but research showed that in certain parts of the world breast cancer was only 1 in 10,000 and prostate cancer just didn’t seem to exist. The diet part was fascinating, these people ate no processed foods, and The Non-Pc Diet is about gradually replacing manufactured unhealthy fat causing processed carbohydrates for natural healthy fat burning carbohydrates.

By gradually replacing/swapping processed for natural you will not only lose weight you will be taking the stress off your body and helping better protect your health.


 We don’t rush but look at making gradual changes and so we start with breakfast. So, for breakfast you will be encouraged to stop having non-intelligent cereals (except the only one worth its salt )  You will instead be eating natural foods such as eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, plus we have healthy vegetarian and even vegan options, so you can eat fruit and other non-animal products such as Quorn and soya etc.

 Keto diet, the Atkins diet, the 5:2 diet and all successful weight loss plans have Non-Pc as their base.

Using my help and guidance, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or full on meat eater, everybody can do Non-Pc! But we take our time and understand it is better to get results that last!



Q6. Shall I ask my friend/work colleague to join?


A6. If, you had to go on a long journey or even climb a mountain, would you want to do it on your own or with a friend?

Research shows that losing weight with a colleague you lose twice as much weight and are three times as likely to stick at it than on your own. Combine this with having an expert coach to guide and motivate you, then this has got to be the intelligent choice. If you can get a friend or colleague to join with you, then just DO IT! 


Q7. What benefits can I expect from joining your private weight loss club?


A7. My coaching will give you a real chance to lose weight and keep it off!

After 8 weeks or so you can expect to weigh about 1-2 stone less.


You will be feeling much better and you will also have more energy and a much clearer understanding of your progress. The mental attitude part is crucial if you are going to have any chance of maintaining the weight loss.


The benefits are not just limited to losing weight, but you can expect to have more energy, better sleep and hopefully less stress. You will of course be exercising but because all video links are supplied to members, no gym is required so you save eve more money and time!


Q8.  Who is Mike Clark?

A8. Mike Clark is very passionate self-health coach and the creator of the UK’s first officially recognised health & wellbeing program. 

He has many health qualifications, he has travelled as far as Russia for training, he has appeared in the press a number of occasions, has had health articles published and recently even made on the front page of his local Hull Daily Mail.

 He is also a writer of a number of health books including The Non- Pc Diet the first diet that tackles the root cause of your obesity, namely the excess consumption of Processed Carbohydrates.


For a number of years, Mike has grown frustrated at the conflicting often wrong information that was been peddled to the public regarding weight loss.

He wanted to create a weight loss program that was educational, motivational, inspirational and above all affordable to all.


For years people talked about it not been a diet but a lifestyle. When one understands that all diets are systems for losing weight and they are a short-term fix to a long-term problem. I wanted to offer a real alternative to the 2 main protagonists.


 So, around 2010 Mike set about creating a healthy lifestyle program and it is now the UK’s first healthy lifestyle program to be awarded therapy status. Hull NHS invited Mike to teach the method to their own staff for healthy weight loss.  He then set about creating a platform to make his coaching method affordable to everybody.


Q.9. Why is it £149 to join?

A.9. In a normal coaching group, you can expect to pay between £150 – £300 per month! This is because of the time involved for the coach and of course for the value of his/her advice to the client.

The initial charge covers your set up costs, administration, insurance, initial consultation and assessment.

The first four weeks group coaching is crucial to your success and your reward for been one of the first new members is huge and you will be definitely getting amazing value for your money and once you’ve paid your joining fee its less than £5 p/w!



Q 10. In summary how does it all work?


All you need is a smart phone

Having your own coach and support gives you a much greater chance of staying on track for sustaining your weight loss.  Knowledge is powerful and with my directive coaching, let’s see together what we can achieve in 2019!


If you are interested in joining my private weight loss club then why not join me on one of my free weight loss meetings, where I explain about how i coach and answer any of your questions. The first one is Saturday 19th January 2019 and if that one is full or you cant make it then I hold them on the first Saturday of the month.